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We are happy to draft, file, and manage your patent and trademark applications.  However, it has been our experience that more and more clients want to take on this task themselves.

Still, it is well-known and not in dispute that in working with the patent, trademark, and copyright offices, there is a lot of back-and-forth communication and details that have to be timely resolved.  As such, many even astute and knowledgeable clients end up realizing that they don’t want to manage all of this themselves.

We can take on a ghostwriting role, or act more as an editor than author.  It depends what an inventor is capable of.  Just be aware, all engagements will define the scope of our representation such that we are not liable for your errors.

Our firm has a fluid, virtual structure in which most work flows through a principal counsel, where some sub-tasks might directed out to a variety of specialized service providers.  These providers are paid on a 1099 basis.  All service providers have EINs, declare all payments made thereto, and carry business liability insurance.




Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University

Juris Doctor of Laws, University of Florida

Former Examiner, U.S. Patent Office

Written over 320 Utility patent applications from scratch, been involved in the management of over 1700 patent applications

Extensive patent litigation experience

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