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Stephen Key’s book is fantastic.  We fully support the sentiments in this book, including the anti-attorney portions!


Inventors, avoid over-focusing on patents!  This is a common inventor psychosis!  Avoid this!  Stephen Key clearly shows and proves that many inventions

become successful without having any IP protection at all.




Inventors, yes you should participate in the patent system, where practical.  But do so wisely, with full knowledge of its flaws and limitations.

This book provides useful information on how to improve your ability to do so, but do so without having to immerse oneself entirely in legal patent doctrine.  That is, without having to drink from a fire hose.

Written for a lay-person, this well-illustrated book is organized to be read and used as a reference document, where the reader can and should skip around and only select the portions relevant to their particular task.  No need to read the entire book!  The chapter headings, illustrations, and index should save the reader a lot of time and headache!

The table of contents is shown below.




Many inventors claim to be fans of “Shark Tank”, but overlook some of the critical points.

A key point, repeatedly made within this book, for which we often thank Lori Greiner profusely, is to admit when one has made a mistake, and cut one’s losses.

Ms. Greiner, and this company, both see many examples where people don’t do this.  Despite having clear evidence.

Clients that lost everything they have on their invention







Software is patentable, in fact strongly recommended.  But patents and software inventions are a very imperfect match.  This book shows how to increase your chances of getting a useful, usable patent, and how to reduce costs in doing so.






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